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Medical Technology

The health system is faced with the challenge of ensuring the best possible care for the population with rising costs and limited resources. This challenge is exacerbated by increasing disease emergence among the population, such as the increasing number of diabetics, with a simultaneous reduction of hospital beds and a declining number of regional hospitals as well as a shortage of doctors in rural areas.

In this situation Telemedicine is a forward-looking solution. It provides a timely and spatially independent contact information exchange, e.g., by telemonitoring and provides enormous benefits for patients, treating physicians and other stakeholders of the health system. For the patient the telemonitoring allows on one hand the promotion of self-employment, thereby increasing the quality of life and on the other hand leads by a long-term measurement of “vital” functions to a therapy optimization. In addition, the dissemination of information to the patient can help to an increased sense of security, to bring about changes in behavior and contribute to health promotion.  The advantages for physicians are in particular the immediate access to relevant patient data, faster diagnosis and initiation of therapy and a competitive advantage with enhanced reputation. The health insurance company and society benefit from cost savings, e.a. by avoiding hospitalizations and operations entering primary and secondary preventive by early diagnosis and behavioral changes at the patient. Basis of all telemedical systems is the determination of biometric data of the patient. For this purpose more and more so-called wearables are used to record measurement values continuously in everyday life and inform and warn the user about mobile applications. The medical division of Thorsis Technologies GmbH is engaged in the development of mHealth solutions as the basis of superimposed telemedical applications.