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Eng. PlantaPress FAQ2023-01-30T08:39:40+01:00

PlantaPress FAQ

How long does the maintenance of the sensor system take?2023-01-19T11:04:26+01:00

The processing time is approx. 1-2 working days.

Does the sensor system have to be sent in for maintenance/calibration?2023-01-19T11:03:50+01:00

Yes, but only the sensor soles have to be sent in for recalibration.

Does PlantaPress require regular maintenance?2023-01-19T11:02:19+01:00

We recommend checking and recalibrating the sensor soles every 50000 steps or at least once a year.

Is there support for PlantaPress?2023-01-19T11:01:53+01:00

We offer 6 months of free telephone support.
This includes, in particular, advice on using the Plantapress system and assistance with problems.
Beyond this period, you will receive free software updates as part of product maintenance.

Does PlantaPress work under Windows 11?2023-01-19T11:01:31+01:00

The VisuPress software for the PlantaPress pressure measurement system works under Windows 11 Professional (64Bit).
A final test with Windows 11 Home (64Bit) is currently pending.

What are the hardware requirements for the software?2023-01-19T11:01:02+01:00
Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11 64-bit (current build)
CPU: min. Intel Core Processor i5 / i7 (4th Gen) or AMD Ryzen 3 / 5 / 7
RAM: at least 8GB
Graphics: Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics (integrated, better dedicated)
Screen with Full HD resolution (1920×1080)
Are there interfaces to industry software?2023-01-19T11:00:37+01:00

No, currently there are no interfaces to industry software.
However, the software is being continuously developed and its range of functions is being successively expanded.

Are special sizes/shapes available?2023-01-19T11:00:04+01:00

Customized special shapes are available upon request.

What sole sizes are available?2023-01-19T10:59:44+01:00

Sizes 37-46 are included in the standard delivery. Double sizes 37/38;39/40;41/42;43/44;45/46 are supplied respectively.
Optional sizes 35/36 and 47/48 are available. Other sizes on request.

What is the shape of the sensor soles?2023-05-11T14:07:54+02:00

The linked files contain printable outlines of the sensor soles on A4 paper.
To print the outlines of the sensor soles in original size, please switch off all scaling options at the printer!

What happens if the wireless connection is interrupted during a measurement?2023-01-19T10:58:51+01:00

The radio modules have an integrated memory module.
The measurement data is recorded on this module even if the radio connection is interrupted.
The recorded measurement data can be downloaded as soon as a radio connection is established again.

How is data transmitted?2023-01-19T10:58:22+01:00

Data is transmitted wirelessly between the radio modules and the USB master module.

How are the radio modules charged?2023-01-19T10:57:46+01:00

The radio modules are charged in the transport case.
For this purpose, the case is equipped with a USB port via which it is supplied with a standard USB power supply.

How long does the battery of the radio modules last?2023-01-19T10:57:25+01:00

The runtime of the radio modules is up to 3 hours (depending on the operating conditions).

What is the sampling rate of PlantaPress?2023-01-19T10:57:01+01:00

The maximum sampling rate is 100 Hz.

What is the spatial resolution of the sensor soles?2023-01-19T10:56:36+01:00

The spatial resolution of the sensors is approx. 1 taxel/cm².

Which measuring principle do the sensor soles use?2023-01-19T10:55:59+01:00

The sensor soles use a piezoresistive measuring principle, whereby the electrical conductivity of a sensor material changes under pressure.

What are the sensor soles made of?2023-01-19T10:55:37+01:00

The sensor soles are made of 100% textile materials.
A supple artificial leather is used as the sheathing material.

How flexible are the sensor soles?2023-01-19T10:55:09+01:00

The sensor soles are soft and supple.
The minimum bending radius is approx. 10mm.

How thick are the sensor soles?2023-01-19T10:54:18+01:00

The sensor soles have a thickness of approx. 2.5 mm.

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