PROFIBUS DP Diagnosis and Monitoring Module

PROFIBUS DP Diagnosis and Monitoring Module
article number19300-0201
connectorD-SUB 9
integrated oscilloscope with up to 200MSamples/s, memory depth 1024 kSamples
long-term recording of telegramsvia SD card
dimensions115 x 22,5 x 99 mm
transmission rate9,6 kBit/s – 12 Mbit/s
driver softwareWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
delivery contenthardware, driver, configuration- and test software, documentation in German and English on CD
available softwareisNet PbMon DTM, isField Diagnosis
PROFIBUS DP Diagnosis and Monitoring Module


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With the isNet DPMon module any gateway built with the isNet Lite can be extended to operate as a PROFIBUS DP diagnosis and protocol monitor. The module helps to detect and investigate sporadic problems in the data transmission on a PROFIBUS line. Communication problems can be so easily captured and eliminated.

The DP Monitor module is connected via a D-SUB 9 connector directly to the PROFIBUS. The module operates entirely passive, it will not send any telegrams to the PROFIBUS lines. Instead, the status of all network devices is detected and on request presented in a summary. In this illustration, the bus state for each of the individual layers of the OSI reference model is determined separately and can be selected individually.

The features of the isNet DPMon module include a protocol monitor, an evaluation of statistical data on the PROFIBUS, such as error counters or average time intervals, and for investigation of the physical signal quality, the integrated oscilloscope is quite useful. Even when no PC is connected to the isNet Lite, the module can still record protocol telegrams due to its long-term recording capability, the captured telegrams are stored on an SD card.

Channel assignment

isNet DPMon Channel assignment