FDT 1.2.x DTM development tool / Visual Studio extension / Device integration

technical data / system requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Visual Studio from version 2005 beginning
  • english documentation on CD
  • Support and maintenance for 1 year

features / supported protocols

  • support of FDT 1.2 and FDT 1.2.1
  • isFDT Wizard – Wizard for creation of DTMs
  • template library – implementation of all mandatory FDT interfaces, that allows direct certification
  • object library for different communication clients and graphical extensions
  • isFDT MiniFrame – FDT frame application for test purposes

Additional services

  • Talk to us and we will find out together if you want to use your own capacities to develop a FDT DTM through obtaining a license of the isDTMcreator Base or if our services for developing DTMs are the more helpful alternative.

Related hardware

  • USB Dongle


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The wizard provides a step by step approach to the definition of the DTM functionality in Visual C++. The user is guided by a set of dialogs. Finally, a Visual C++ project is generated, which can be compiled into a compliant (but empty) DTM. The wizard creates a project framework for the DTM:

  • including CommChannel for Communication DTMs
  • including ActiveX generation for device DTMs
  • including CommChannel and ActiveX for Gateway-DTMs

The required FDT interfaces are inherited by the generated DTM from a Template Library. This project frame forms a shell into which the user can implement the configuration functionality for the device as well as design and connect its graphical user interface. The generated C++ sources allow full control for the developer.

On the other side, the generated code is as complete as all mandatory interfaces according to FDT 1.2.1 specification are implemented and can be certified without coding a single line. If an EDDL implementation already exists for the device, it can be used to generate device-specific behavior directly into C++ source code.

Ask our experts to evaluate what service fits better to your requirements. Either obtaining a license of the isDTMcreator Base to use your own capacities to develop your own FDT DTM or using our FDT implementation services – both are valid options.

The isDTMcreator Base eases the task of DTM development according to FDT 1.2.x considerably. It consists of a set of tools, integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio from version 8 beginning. The isDTMcreator Base aides the development of CommDTM and DeviceDTM. The communication protocols HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, CIP and Modbus are supported. Compared with an original DTM development, the use of the toolkit will result in the reduction of time and cost for the development process.