ThorTraffic enables data exchange via ITS-G5 with passing vehicles


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ThorTraffic enables data exchange via ITS-G5 with passing vehicles through
resource-efficient reuse and sustainable upgrade of existing traffic infrastructure of street lights in cities.

ThorTraffic Station

The ThorTraffic Station from Thorsis is a lightweight, robust outdoor unit with integrated connections for up to 2 antennas. The housing complies with IP67 requirements and thus against foreign bodies, touch, dust and heavy splash water.
Designed for use in smart cities, this RSU provides the maximum achievable signal strength.

With a specifically designed low power consumption of maximum 4 WATT (with LTE Option 7 WATT max.), it is possible to integrate the RSU into existing power networks without installing an additional system.
This competitive advantage allows the RSUs to be easily coupled and maintained at traffic lights, street lights and emergency call boxes.

ThorTraffic Mobile

The ThorTraffic Mobile from THORSIS is a small, lightweight and proven rugged module that can be easily retrofitted to any vehicle.
It exchanges data at high speed over long distances and provides efficient response times to several traffic situations. Complying with essential standards,
this OBU is prepared for demanding conditions in the field.