• FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnose- und Monitormodul

isNet PNMon

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnose- und Monitormodul With the isNet PNMon the Ethernet module isNet Lite can be expanded to operate as a diagnosis and protocol monitor for field-Ethernet systems. This [...]

isNet DIO4 / isNet DIO8

Module with Digital Inputs and Outputs The isNet DIO module is an extension module for the product family isNet Line with digital [...]

isNet FF / isNet FF2 / isNet FF4

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Ethernet Gateway To access FOUNDATION Fieldbus field devices, the main module isNet Lite can be expanded with a FF linkmaster module. This module is available as 1-channel, 2-channel or 4–channel version. Each channel of the module has its [...]

  • HART Ethernet Gateway Erweiterungsmodul

isNet H@rt4 / isNet H@rt8

HART Ethernet Gateway The isNet H@rt Module extends the main module isNet Lite to work as an HART-Ethernet gateway. The HART Ethernet gateway is an up-to-date option [...]

  • isNet_DiagM PA

isNet DiagM PA

PROFIBUS PA Ethernet Gateway The isNet DiagM PA is a stationary PROFIBUS PA diagnostic and master module. Together with the head module isNet Lite, gateways can be built, [...]

  • isNet_DP2

isNet DP / isNet DP2

PROFIBUS DP Ethernet Gateway The isNet DP module extends the main module isNet Lite to work as a PROFIBUS DP Ethernet Gateway. The isNet DP modules are available [...]

  • Ethernet Gateway isNet Lite

isNet Lite

Ethernet Communication Module The isNet Lite is an Ethernet gateway in a compact modular housing. It can be used for multiple purposes of remote monitoring and control. Depending on the [...]

isNet H@rt8+AI

HART Analog Input Module 4-20mA and HART Master Functionality The HART module isNet H@rt8+AI contains 8 independent HART masters, every HART master with a separate HART modem, similar to the [...]