HART Ethernet Gateway


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The isNet H@rt Module extends the main module isNet Lite to work as an HART-Ethernet gateway. The HART Ethernet gateway is an up-to-date option to replace the widely used RS485 HART multiplexer solutions as it enables the direct connection to the existing data network of a plant. Since every HART channel possesses its own HART modem, the isNet H@rt module can handle all channels in parallel and take advantage of the high bandwidth of TCP.

The isNet H@rt modules are equipped with either four (single width) or eight (double width) channels. Up to five HART modules can be connected to the main module, so a maximum of 40 HART channels can be operated in parallel. Every channel provides galvanic decoupling from the HART line. Access to the HART network is achieved by 8 plug-in screw-type terminals.

With the isNet H@rt CommDTM, the modules can be integrated into your FDT framework. Due to the support of the HART over IP protocol, the isNet H@rt can also be used with the HCF OPC server.

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