FDT 1.2 Device DTM for the motor control SIMOCODE

technical data / system requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Visual Studio from version 2005 beginning
  • english documentation on CD
  • Support and maintenance for 1 year

features / supported protocols

  • support of FDT 1.2 and FDT 1.2.1
  • isFDT Wizard – Wizard for creation of DTMs
  • template library – implementation of all mandatory FDT interfaces, that allows direct certification
  • object library for different communication clients and graphical extensions
  • isFDT MiniFrame – FDT frame application for test purposes

additional services

  • Talk to us. We would like to inbtegrate your EDD into the DTM and create this way your device specific DTM software package.

demo version

  • based on a provided EDD implementation we create on request a full functional demo version for your device.

related hardware

  • USB Dongle


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The isSIMOCODE DTM is a Device-DTM for the drive controller SIMOCODE of Siemens. The DTM contains the isSimocode DTM and the isSimocode Pro DTM for the drive controller Simocode- DP und SIMOCODE Pro C/Pro V. This motor protection and control device with communication capability which can be connected to the PROFIBUS DP. It protects three-phase devices against thermal overloading by means of integrated motor protection functions. All protection functions can be parameterized to respond by issuing a warning or shutting down the controller.

The DeviceDTM communicates with the drive control device via a CommunicationDTM using PROFIBUS DP (MSAC2 services). The graphical user interface of the DTM allows:

the set and change of device parameters; logical connections between individual device functions can be established
the use of online functions for control and diagnosis