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Since 2016 first FDI host systems are available. Device manufacturers can now provide device packages for their devices. Find out how Thorsis Technologies can help you create, test and certify your device packages.

Are you planning the development of FDT (Field Device Tool) components for your hardware? Learn how we can help you by providing the right tools or by implementing DTMs.

The provision of an EDD is an entry point for many sensors / actuators in the process automation for the integration into control systems and engineering tools of the system manufacturers. Thorsis Technologies has been active in this field for many years and can help you with the implementation of the EDD as well as with the integration into different systems.

Test Service

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FDT Test Laboratory

Information About Accredited Testing FDT Laboratory

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PDM Services

Information on SIMATIC PDM Integrations

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An essential part of our diverse services strategy is also a wide range of testing capabilities. Here the field of EDD with integration testing for SIMATIC PDM and FDT with the implementation of compliance tests to obtain the certificate are currently in the forefront.

Consulting & Training

Our services also include training for developers and users. Whether in-house, basic or intensive seminars, our speakers go individually into the knowledge of the participants and convey real insider knowledge.

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Consulting and Trainings

Information About Our Training Opportunities

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