Development of DTMs for FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x / Development of FDT-based application and configuration software


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Thorsis Technologies is actively involved in the further development of the specification in various committees, for example in the development of annexes for various fieldbuses and technologies (eg: PROFIBUS, OPC UA), participates in interoperability projects and other FDT Group activities. Through the active cooperation in these bodies, we are always up-to-date with the technological development – knowledge which we gladly share with you in your projects and apply in your products.

With our powerful tools DTM Architect FDT2 or DTMcreator Base we develop device, communication and gateway DTMs for your hardware according to your requirements. If your devices are already integrated into EDD-based host systems, our TW EDDview DTM allows a quickly and comfortably access in the FDT world.

Of course, we use FDT for the integration of communication adapters and diagnostic hardware, which Thorsis Technologies develops and manufactures in-house. Various DTMs for our fieldbus connections are available in the download area. Test our FDT products and see for yourself the possibilities of FDT.