USB / Bluetooth Interfaces

  • HART USB Interface


HART USB Interface with Galvanic Decoupling The HART USB interface isHRT USB is designed to provide a communication link between a desktop computer or PC notebook and [...]

  • ATEX certified HART USB Interface


ATEX certified HART USB Interface For use in hazardous areas we provide an intrinsically safe, ATEX certified HART USB interface. The interface may be attached to HART loops for Zone 1. [...]

isPro USBx12

PROFIBUS USB interface with Master functionality Desktop PCs, as well as notebook devices, can be connected to a PROFIBUS fieldbus within seconds based on the plug & play [...]

  • HART Bluetooth Adapter

the H@rt BluePack

HART Bluetooth Interface The H@rt BluePack is a versatile interface which supports wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (USB) access to a HART network. In addition to its modem capabilities the H@rt Blue- Pack runs [...]

  • CAN USB Adapter für CAN/CANopen Netzwerke


CAN USB Interface for CAN/CANopen Networks The CAN dongle isCAN USB with the USB interface grants a fast access to any CAN/CANopen based network. Mobile set-up as well as monitoring are supported. Desktop PCs and notebook [...]

  • Flexibles DeviceNet USB Interface für mobile Ankopplung an DeviceNet-Netzwerke

isDNet USB

DeviceNet USB Interface The Interface isDNet USB provides a communication link between a desktop computer or PC notebook and a Device Network. Real-time data of the field devices [...]


FOUNDATION Fieldbus USB interface The isFF USB Interface is a FOUNDATION Fieldbus USB interface, that is made for rapid commissioning of FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. Due to power supply from USB and plug-and-play functionality, it [...]

  • CAN USB Interface als Platine


CAN USB Interface for CAN/CANopen Networks For integration of the isCAN USB interface into customer specific systems or products, the hardware is also available as a compact PCB. The USB connection is [...]