DeviceNet USB Interface

DeviceNet USB Interface
article number12300-0101
interfaceUSB 2.0
USB controllerCY7C68014A
controllerAsic SJA1000
identifier length11 Bit
transmission rate125, 250, 500 kbit/s
power supplyvia USB
dimensions103 x 55 x 31 mm
temperature range0 … 60 °C
driver softwareWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
delivery contentDeviceNet USB interface, Driver-, configuration- and test software; documentation in German and English on a memory stick


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The Interface isDNet USB provides a communication link between a desktop computer or PC notebook and a Device Network. Real-time data of the field devices are available for operational areas, e.g. mobile data acquisition and parameterization.

The interface supports the DeviceNet Standard Version 2.0. The Device comes with a 5-pin connector. The DeviceNet Stack works alternatively or in parallel as Master (and IO Scanner) or Slave. The scanner allows a dynamic change of the slave list, which means while the DeviceNet is working, slave devices can be added to or deleted from the scan list. The cyclic time of the scan can be set as required by the system.

The installation and configuration of the interface can be done easily. With the included driver DLL user-specific applications can be integrated without expenses. Optionally a DTM is available. It provides the communication between devices on the DeviceNet and their DTMs.

The „Explicit Messaging“ functionality is performed employing asynchronous command and event queues. Thus any data lengths can be transmitted. The firmware supports process data exchange via „Poll“, „Bit Strobe“ and „Cyclic/Change of State“ connections. The Proxy functionality at the DeviceNet-Stack is also provided so Multi-Master access for „Group 2 only“ slave is possible.