C++ development tool for OPC Server / fast communication of device values / OPC DA

technical data / system requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Visual Studio 6, more versions on request
  • english documentation on CD
  • Support and maintenance for 1 year

features / supported protocols

  • integration in Microsoft Visual Studio
  • project management with wizard support
  • OPC test client

Additional services

  • Talk to us and we will find out together whether you want to use your available capacity for an own OPC development by purchasing an isOPC Toolkit license or whether we shall implement a OPC server according to your needs.

Related hardware

  • USB Dongle


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The isOPC Toolkit supports OPC Data Access specifications 1.0, 2.0 and 2.04 as well as the requirements of the DriveServer specification. The toolkit is dedicated to easy operation but still offers extended functionality. Its library provides the interfaces defined in OPC version 2.0. Application specific objects can be extended with required, device specific functionality by inheriting from classes provided in the library. Using the library requires a project with ATL support that can be easily created with the integrated Microsoft Visual C++ wizard. The developer only needs to implement the correct data access.

An OPC server provides data from various PLC systems or I/O devices from field devices. This complex task can be accomplished with the integrated XML interface. A server generated with the isOPC Toolkit can be used by any client via custom and automation interfaces. The functions included in the class library allow offline and online configuration of the name space.

The isOPC Toolkit was tested in interoperability workshops of the OPC Foundation. It was able to demonstrate its stability and capabilities with different OPC clients.

The isOPC Toolkit is a tool for developing device specific OPC servers. Even developers not familiar with the OLE topic can create own OPC servers without problems. Use of the toolkit significantly accelerates the OPC development.