Development of FDI Device Packages


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Based on our know-how and the experience of more than 10 years in the development of EDDs and DTMs as a service for the integration of field devices into different host systems, we can also support you in the development of FDI device packages. The type of support can be versatile in this respect and is primarily geared to your needs and the already existing circumstances:

There is already an EDD-based implementation that describes your device (for example for Simatic PDM) and you want to convert it into an FDI device package, if possible by reusing the essential implementation. Here, we could support you by checking whether there is already a complete interoperability and standard conformance of the implementation and, if applicable, making necessary additions and changes. If there are still outstanding requirements that can not be covered by the EDDL implementation or do not highlight the special unique features of your device in addition to the EDD implementation, we can upgrade the FDI Device Package by providing one or more UIPs.
There is already an implementation for your device as an internal parameterization tool or FDT/DTM. Then this implementation can be used to create requirements for an FDI device package. We would like to check whether reuse of FDT2 DTM UIs as FDI compliant UIPs is possible. The implementation of the business logic, the parameters and the communication layer in EDD, which forms the basis for the FDI device package, is carried out by our experts so that the FDI device package has the full functional scope of the existing implementation and at the same time is optimized in operation for the usage in FDI host systems.
Obviously, the implementation of an FDI device package is also possible based on your requirements, if there isn’t an integration as for example in new developments. Analogous to the development of a classical EDD or a DTM, we implement your requirements in detail and create an FDI device package, which allows the device to be integrated into any FDI host. When designing the requirements with regard to the structure, business logic and design of the user interfaces we advise you to ensure an integration that is optimally tailored to the needs of the user.