HART-IP Gateway

Order code 14400-0101
Module for top hat rail mounting (EN50022) EN50022
Power supply10,8V .. 30V DC
connector(s) 1 screw type terminal
Transmission rate Ethernet: 10 Mbit/s - 100 Mbit/s
RS-485: 9,6 kBit/s; 19,2 kBit/s; 38,4 kBit/s
Power consumption50mA (typ. bei 24V DC)
galvanische Trennungyes
Protection class IP20
cooling natural convection, fanless
Body material Polyamid
Dimensions (L x W x H)114,5mm x 99mm x 22,5mm
Weight 110 g
Operating temperature- 40 .. 70°C
Storage temperature- 40 .. 85°C


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The HART-IP gateway isHMuxGate is an ideal solution for retrofitting HART networks with Ethernet. It makes this possible without the need to replace existing RS485 HART multiplexers commonly used in HART networks. This guarantees minimal wiring effort and saves existing investments.

Through the seamless translation of the different HART multiplexer protocols to HART-IP, the network can be enabled for the requirements of the future. The isHMuxGate is therefore ideally suited for engineering tasks, asset management solutions such as NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) and field device access via FDI and FDT.

Application Notes

Currently supported and tested multiplexers:

  • Hport, Arcom Control Systems
  • MTL4841 Multiplexer, Measurement Technology
  • MTL4850 Multiplexer, Measurement Technology
  • KFD2-HMM-16, Pepperl Fuchs
  • MUX2700-G, Pepperl Fuchs
  • IS pac 9192 16 ch, Stahl
  • GMI 5700 HART Mux