Driver software

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • FDT Frame e.g. Pactware

Features / supported protocols


Scope of delivery

  • CD

The Pro Comm DTM is a PROFIBUS communication DTM that supports the isPro USBv4 interfaces from Thorsis Technologies. It offers any device and gateway DTMs access to PROFIBUS fieldbus communication and thus enables configuration and parameterization of field devices.

The Pro Comm DTM v3.1 is for FDT 1.2.1 / FDT 1.2. available and became for the FDT standard 1.2. certified. The Pro Comm DTM v4.0 for FDT 2 is a corresponding implementation according to the current FDT standard and is the first Device Type Manager based on this technology that has successfully passed the FDT Group’s certification process for FDT 2. The PROFIBUS communication DTM communicates with the PROFIBUS connections as master class 2.

All PROFIBUS communication parameters such as the baud rate or the response time can be changed. In addition, the DTM can set the timeout for communication requests. The Pro Comm DTM can search for connected devices during operation using the FDT interfaces or the “Device List” function.

All devices found, if available, are listed with additional information such as PNO ID, manufacturer and device type. The PROFIBUS communication DTM offers functions for setting the PROFIBUS address of the device and the associated Device DTM.