PROFINET Diagnosis and Monitoring Module

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnose- und Monitormodul
connectors2 RJ45 sockets
dimensions115 x 22,5 x 99 mm
transmission rate100 MBit/s
memory cardMMC
driver softwareWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
delivery contentmodule, driver-, configuration- and testsoftware; documentation in German and English on CD
available softwareisNet FieldDiagnosis DTM
technical drawing FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnose- und Monitormodul


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With the isNet PNMon the Ethernet module isNet Lite can be expanded to operate as a diagnosis and protocol monitor for field-Ethernet systems. This module allows to detect and investigate sporadic problems in the data transmission of Industrial Ethernet fieldbusses.
The Ethernet Monitor module has two RJ45 sockets, through which the Ethernet is passed through the module. The device works as TAP, ie. the signals are extracted passively from the two connected lines. Protocol errors are detected and displayed according to the layers of the OSI model.
The functionality of the isNet PNMon module includes a protocol monitor to record Ethernet telegram frames and an extensive evaluation of statistical data on the Ethernet e.g. Error counters. The long-time recording allows autonomous operation for an extended period, even if no PC is connected to the isNet Lite. The log file is saved directly on an MMC memory card and can be downloaded later to a PC.