isNet DiagM PA – PROFIBUS PA Ethernet Gateway


PROFIBUS PA Ethernet Gateway
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The isNet DiagM PA is a stationary PROFIBUS PA diagnostic and master module. Together with the head module isNet Lite, gateways can be built, that provide direct access from Ethernet to PROFIBUS PA devices without a DP/PA segment coupler. Thus, for example, existing plants with PROFIBUS PA can be connected directly to modern Ethernet fieldbuses such as PROFINET.

The connection to a PROFIBUS PA segment is done with pluggable screw terminals. Up to five modules can be connected to the head module isNet Lite. So, up to 5 PROFIBUS PA channels can be operated with a single head module.

The modules provide in addition to the master functionality extensive diagnostic options: List of participants of the network, error statistics, event log and telegram recording.

Technical Details

  • Article Number: 19300-1201
  • connections: 1 screw terminal
  • transmission rate: 31,25 kBit/s
  • power supply to PA fieldbus: 22..24 V, max. 300mA
  • controller: Motorola Coldfire
  • flash: 256 kB
  • RAM: 256 kB
  • IP code: IP20
  • cooling: natural convection, fanless
  • enclosure: Polyamide
  • dimensions: 115 x 45 x 99mm, 115 x 45 x 99mm
  • RoHs2-conform
  • weight: 180g
  • temperature range: -40 °C…60 °C / -40 °F…140°F
  • driver software: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • delivery content: PROFIBUS PA Module, driver-, configuration software, documentation German and English on CD
  • available software: isNet DTM Library, isField Diagnosis

isNet DTM Library

Communication DTM for FDT Software


Manual isNet Line

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