isNet DIO – Module with Digital Inputs and Outputs


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The isNet DIO module is an extension module for the product family isNet Line with digital inputs and outputs. The module is available with 4 channels or with 8 channels. Every channel consists of a 4 pin screw-type terminal with one input and one output per channel. It conforms to IEC 61131 and can read inputs, that represent the state of engines, valves and other equipment with binary signals. Also, it can switch pumps, valves, heaters, fans or other industrial equipment with its outputs. In combination with other fieldbus specific modules, the isNet DIO can extend every fieldbus with digital I/O capability.

Technical Details

  • Article Number four channel version:  19300-1301
  • Article Number eight channel version: 19300-1401
  • connectors: 4 or 8 screw type terminals
  • IP code: IP20
  • galvanic isolation: optocouplers
  • cooling: natural convection, fanless
  • enclosure: Polyamide
  • weight: 140g / 250g
  • dimensions: 114,5 x 22,5 x 99 / 114,5 x 45 x 99
  • operating temperature range: -40 °C…70 °C / -40 °F…158 °F
  • storage temperature range: -40 °C…85 °C / -40 °F…185°F
  • digital input voltage range: -30V…30 V
  • digital input voltage levels: 0 = -30…5V, 1 = 15V…30V
  • max. input frequency: 100Hz
  • max. output current: 500mA
  • max. output frequency: 100Hz
  • max. output voltage: 30V
  • approvals: UL, E465797 (only isNet DIO4)
Schema isNet DIO mit digitale Eingängen und Ausgängen

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