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Background of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

The FOUNDATION Fieldbus is a digital, 2-way fieldbus, which is tailored to the requirements of process automation. This fieldbus is developed and supervised by the Fieldbus Foundation. As a member of the Fieldbus Foundation Thorsis Technologies GmbH develops solutions that can be integrated into your existing network.
The FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 allows both access to the process data, as well as the configuration and diagnostics of field devices. The FOUNDATION Fieldbus is physically identical to PROFIBUS PA. Both fieldbuses use twisted pair cable, the same connections and support up to 32 devices per segment. The biggest difference of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS is the cyclic communication. FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices transmit their data at set intervals and can even communicate with each other without the master.
The device integration is carried out at FOUNDATION Fieldbus via EDD or FDT.

Schema: FOUNDATION Fieldbus Layer-Model im OSI Model

FOUNDATION Fieldbus USB Interface

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FOUNDATION Fieldbus Interface
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The USB adapter isFF USB provides a quick and easy way to access to FOUNDATION Fieldbus field devices. A special feature is the ability to supply a single connected field device directly from the USB device – a feature which helps especially in the exchange of field devices if a replacement device must be parameterized before installation in the plant. The included communication DTM allows easy access to the parameters of the field devices.

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Gateway

For access to parameters of FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices various FF Link master modules are available for the user. Together with the isNet Lite thus it can be accessed from Ethernet to one or more FF network segments. FDT applications can be used for reading and writing of parameters, an appropriate communication DTM is available for download.

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isNet FF

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Linkmaster Module
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FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostic Tool

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isNet FFMon

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostic and Monitoring Module
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The gateways of the production range isNet Line can be expanded to include a module for monitoring the quality of communication on the FOUNDATION Fieldbus. The module analyzes the traffic for transmission errors, it also allows the recording of data traffic for manual analysis. To assess the waveform an integrated oscilloscope is also available.