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Thorsis Technologies is a pilot user in the sprintDoc research project

sprintdocFrom March 2015 until the end of May 2017, Thorsis Technologies GmbH is involved as a pilot user in the research project “sprintDoc”. In the sprintDoc project we want to solve a central problem in agile software projects: the lack of usable documentation.

In agile processes the focus is on the deployment of release-capable software artifacts, documentation is subordinate. With the sprintDoc research project, we approach the problem of a potential loss of experience and examine which documentation types are required, the relevance of these and how the documentation can be integrated into agile project methods. To this end, the agile processes were analyzed by the pilot users Thorsis Technologies GmbH and WIZMO GmbH. On the basis of the requirements, a tool and method set for documentation in agile processes is developed and evaluated by the pilot users in practice.

Challenges addressed in sprintDoc:

  • Agile methods focus on the fast deployment of functioning software components and neglect the documentation
  • Experiences remain only in the minds of the team, resulting in a high loss of knowledge in software companies
  • A high proportion of the need for coordination (22% share of working hours) and time to search for information (7%) in the day-to-day work of developers
  • In practice, there are no methods and tools that support the documentation process effectively and efficiently

Project objectives in sprintDoc:

  • Investigation which types of documentation are required, the relevance of these and how they can be integrated into the agile project methodology
  • Development of a method and tool set for documentation in agile software projects
  • Prototype implementation and evaluation for two pilot users

Project partners:

The SprintDoc project is funded under the program KMU-innovativ by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (project code: 01IS15005A-D). Current information on the project can be found in the project blog. In addition, the sprintDoc demonstrator gives a first insight into the functionality.

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