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Expert systems (model-based operation support)


The new project “Modellgestütztes Beratungssystem für Biogasanlagen”, funded by the European Union (ERDF: European Regional Development Fund, project number: 1704/00001) of Thorsis Technologies GmbH in the field of simulation biogas is being  developed in co-operation with the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Department of Water, Environment, Construction and Safety. In addition, sub-issues are assigned to a subcontractor.

The project resulted from the growing interest in the optimization of biogas plants. The consulting system is intended to optimize plant operation by means of process models coupled with recommendations for action and expert knowledge. The focus is on the following aspects:

  • Better substrate utilization
  • Increased plant availability / plant utilization
  • Flexibility
  • Assessment of process status and operating costs
  • Increase in energy production
  • Improvement of technical safety

The overall objective of the project is the development of a computer-assisted model-based consulting system for the direct support of ongoing plant operation. The measurement data for dynamic simulation based on mathematical models are to be integrated directly. The simulation results are then to be linked with the measurement data in order to allow a detailed analysis of the operating state and the biological processes. Furthermore, the data quality is to be evaluated in order to ensure the plausibility of the data.

The consultation system is to identify possible causes for the diagnosed operating problems after the data evaluation with the support of expert knowledge. These causes lead to the derivation of appropriate recommendations for action, which should lead to the solution of the operating problem or the optimization of the biogas plants.

The main tasks of Thorsis Technologies GmbH are the adaptation of mathematical model bases and the development of methods for the systematic parameterization, calibration and validation of the dynamic simulation models of biogas plants as the basis for the integration of the models into the innovative consulting system. Furthermore, the conceptual design and implementation of the consulting system with integrated coupling of the simulation functions with a cause/action concept is developed.