The young and innovative medtech start-up has set itself the goal to enable people with chronic illness a better quality of lifet hrough telemedicine support. Through the development of innovative eHealth and mHealth hardware and software products there is a close partnership.

Since the beginning the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, in particular the Institute of Automation is also an integral partner of Thorsis Technologies.

Connected by the Department of Automation and computer science there is also a long and deep partnership with the Fachhochschule Harz.

Since 1997, the nonprofit research institute, located in the Magdeburger Wissenschaftshafen is an associated partner of the Thorsis Technologies. The long-standing partnership is strengthened through joint projects, such as marketing and continued development of the latest Simba software and by common bodies working in research organizations.

The Institute of Applied Computer Science at TU Dresden maintaining relations to Thorsis Technologies for years through joint projects.

Thorsis Technologies assumes the distribution for Kepware Technologies for Germany and Switzerland. Kepware, headquartered in Portland / Maine, is known worldwide for high performance and reliable OPC software products and is considered a successful company with great responsibility for custom requirements. The aim of the distribution partnership between the two companies is the development of the German language market for in North America widespread innovative OPC Server products of Kepware.

The department of water and recycling economy of the Fachhochschule Magdeburg-Stendal maintains a close relationship, connected through joint projects in the department of dynamic simulation of Thorsis Technologies.