EDD interpreter DTM for HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices


Device type mamangement of EDD interpreter DTM
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Field devices which have to be integrated into FDT environments do need a DTM. Not all devices provide those DTMs but often, especially for PROFIBUS and HART devices, an Electronic Device Description already exists. An EDD interpreter DTM provides such EDD host system as a DeviceDTM for the interpretation of Electronic Device Descriptions. It is compliant to the FDT version 1.2 and offers following features:

  • EDD interpreter DTM for EDD/DD PROFIBUS PA and DP/V1 device descriptions
  • EDD interpreter DTM for EDD/DD HART device descriptions
  • EDD interpreter DTM for EDD/DD FOUNDATION Fieldbus device descriptions
  • Graphic front end for EDDs
  • Table and tree view
  • Methods calls, built-ins
  • Online-/Offline-configuration

The following FDT Interfaces are supported:

  • IPersistPropertyBag, IDtm, IDtmInformation, IDtmActiveXInformation, IDtmParameter
  • IFdtEvents, IDtmOnlineParameter,
  • IDtmChannel, IDtmApplication, IDtmImportExport, IFdtCommunicationEvents.

The software isEDDview DTM requires the installation of a PROFIBUS and/or HART interface and an accessory CommDTM of any interface vendor.

Characteristics isEDD View DTM

The isEDD View DTM convinces with following Features

  • EDD Host according IEC 61804-3 and IEC 61804-4 inclusive enhancements
  • Support for HART EDDs, PROFIBUS EDDs and FOUNDATION Fieldbus EDDs
  • Grafical front end (Offline, Online, Process values, Diagnosis, …) according FDT style guide
  • Table view and tree view
  • Import of EDDs at runtime (needs catalogue update)
  • Support of EDD methods including all BuiltIns
  • Third party access to all EDD defined parameters via IDTM::GetParameters() and IDTM::SetParameters()

Technical Data

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 (or above)
  • Interfaces according FDT Version 1.2
  • Software & documentation on CD
  • Support and service for 1 year

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