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FDT2 certificate for isPro Comm DTM V4

For the first time the certificate 2016-2001 for isPro Comm DTM V4 has completed the certification process for FDT2 successfully. This milestone makes oneself clear that Thorsis Technologies GmbH is ready for the next step in the application of FDT2 technology. It represents the completion of the prototypical implementation in the field of research and development and now is ready for the regular usage in the industry.

Through the provision of the FDT2 Communication-DTM’s for the isPro USBx12 adapter which has been on the market for years, Thorsis Technologies GmbH has demonstrated the high competence in implementation of new technologies in the automation industry once again.

At the same time the certificate 2016-2002 was exhibited for the isPro Generic Device DTM. Thereby a certified PROFIBUS Device-DTM for FDT2 is available that could be used for testing any PROFIBUS field device.

The development of both DTM’s happened on the basis of the DTM-development tool isDTM Architect FDT2 which could be licensed for the generation of Communication DTM’s and Device-DTM’s of PROFIBUS and HART.


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